Forrest County Agricultural High School Aggies

Welcome to the unofficial portal for the Alumni Association.

If you received the Alumni newletter and it gave this address you are certainly in the right place. Below you will find a link directing you to the forums where we already have over 100 members. The site can be scary just as FCAHS was when you first entered the doors as a freshman. But just as FCAHS did it will become comfortable and hopefully home to you. There are no fees and with the Grace of God there never will be. Please come in and register. Fill out your bigraphical information. Then proceed to look at the board. There are several categories for you to post in and we are changing and adding to them daily. They are in order.

1. Important Information for new Members. This is self explanatory. We are trying to get you to post info about yourself so others following up can find you easily and begin renewing friendships.

2. Businesses. This is a section for our alumni that have gone on and started a business or is in some type of business that you can use for your needs. It is nice to know when you are dealing with a fellow FCAHS alumni.

3. General Category. This contains two Main Boards, General Assembly and Board Information.
General Assembly: Just as in school we would have a general assembly for the Faculty to inform the mass of students here we are again. We discuss things not covered in the other categories. We have just added a section for Prayer requests for those with friends and families in need of prayer. Also just added is a section to remember those fellow students we have lost to illness or accidents. This is a sad but we feel a necessary section and it is already filling up.
Board Information: When we make changes to the boards we announce everthing here.

4. Sports, Band and other Extracurricular activites. We use this to keep up with the activities of the great FCAHS athletes, musicians, singers and many others. Some of us even brag about how good we used to be.

5. Homecoming and Reunions: Two boards. One is for the Alumni Officers to use. Alumni officers are the only ones allowed to create a new thread in this section to discuss with the masses the planned activities of Homecoming and such. The other is for you the former student to come in and announce plans for your upcoming class reunions.

6. Photographs. This is Bill's brainchild. He loves pictures. Who doesn't. Come here to share those bragging pictures of you, your family especially those grandchildren. A popular section to say the least.

7. Graduating classes by the decade. This is the meat and potatoes of the site. Scroll down until you find your decade. Look for the child board containing your year and click on it. There hopefully you will see many of your fellow classmates will have already posted information about themselves. Look to the top right and you will see new topic. Click on that and put your name in as it was in high school. Then tell us about yourself. Of course there are many messages already on the boards and it will fill your time trying to read them all. Please do. But remember we want to know you are here and to talk with you too.

Please enjoy. This forum was created out of love and respect for the institution that is FCAHS. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Now on to the Forums!